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Welcome to DeM!

We are an Alliance Akama guild who consider ourselves a family of friends, first and foremost. There is no room for greed or selfishness here. Our focus is on 10-man end-game raiding progression and as such, we expect prospective and current members alike, to have that same focus. Thank you for taking your time to visit our homepage. If you feel that you can make a positive contribution to DeM, please read the following guidelines, contact an officer, and then submit an application.

Membership Guidelines:

This is absolutely the MOST important aspect of being a member of DeM. I don't care if you are teh most leetest of players. I don't care if you've raided everything in the game. I don't care if you know everything about every class and spec...I view you and everyone else in this game as a valuable asset because of WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON, NOT because of WHAT YOU CAN DO IN-GAME. Learn it, embrace it, live it...that's how we roll.

We're not interested in immature, greedy people...if you don't understand the value of teamwork, loyalty, and dedication to a common cause, then don't waste your time or ours. We expect you to act as a responsible adult and to be personally accountable for your own actions. We love to mess around and have fun, but we also know when to be serious. When we're in raids, it's business, so be ready to act like it...Treat this like your job, otherwise you can go and non-progress in a non-quality guild.

Raids are Thursday through Sunday starting at 6:30 Server Time and can run for as long as 4 - 6 hours. 6:30 Server Time does NOT mean 6:45 Server Time. You are required to come prepared for each raid with the proper reagents, potions, elixirs, flasks, and buff food. Also, make sure you're fully repaired. In addition, you are required to have a boss mod (DBM or Big Wigs) and a raid frames mod (Xperl) as a bare minimum.

We have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to raiding outside a DeM-sanctioned raid event. If you are foundto be PUG'ing a raid, you will be /gkicked immediately. Also, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to being available to raid during a DeM-sanctioned raid event. If, at anytime during an active DeM raid, you are asked to come in to one of our raids and you refuse for any reason, you will be /gkicked immediately.

Loot distribution is handled via consideration of an individual's contribution to the guild and raid first. If you have a spotty attendance record, lack of dps/healing/tanking skills with no signs of or desire for improvement, or any other issue that may call your loyalty, dedication, or commitment into question, you will not be seeing loot anytime soon. In fact, you'll likely be receiving a /gkick. If you want loot, go somewhere else...we're here for progression.

You are required to attend 75% of all DeM-sanctioned raid events or you will be /gkicked. Please use the Announcements forum 24 hours in advance to notify us of a change of plans. We also maintain a weekly raiding roster where members can keep track of when/where they will be raiding and with who. We track this on a raid-to-raid basis with addons, which means you can't slip between the cracks unnoticed. Work hard or gtfo.

I ask that you make sure to speak with our officers and members prior to committing to an application, as it is CRITICAL that you know what to expect. Recently, we've been dealing with recruits who come in and are surprised by how serious we run things...they've all been kicked or have left. We are a hardcore raiding guild, so don't waste our time with that garbage...
If you've read this far and haven't been scared away, then go ahead and apply! We look forward to viewing your applications!

Other Guild News

DeM Secures the Alliance Side Server 3rd Kill of 10-Man Yogg-Saron!

Alyshanee, May 26, 09 12:44 AM.

After suffering some major losses in morale with all the idiots in 25-mans on the 3.1 release, we decided to work as a hardcore 10-man guild focused on a server-first Algalon kill. Tonight, you guys did what you do best...PWN! We have just snagged the 3rd alliance side (4th horde and alliance) kill of 10-man Yogg-Saron! Take a look at the pic of the list for 10-man Ulduar alliance side! Woot! Keep up the great work and let's get us some blackholes, beeeeiiittttches!

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Twilight Vanquishers, unite!

Alyshanee, Mar 17, 09 3:00 AM.
After spending more repair money than imaginable, we mastered the heroic Sartharion + 3 drakes achievement on Sunday night! The kill was well executed and everyone did a great job contributing to the guild first! Thanks, guys! DEM4LIFE!

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Malygos25 goes down! DeM beats the game until Ulduar!

Alyshanee, Jan 11, 09 8:07 PM.
Guys...a moment of silence please...

Introducing the 5th alliance side guild to kill 25-man Malygos: Deus Et Machina! Amazing job to every last teammate who brought their A-game and contributed to this kill! It's smooth sailing and farming from here to the Ulduar patch. Well played...DEM4LIFE!
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Malygos10 and KT25 Down...10-Man Content and Naxx25 cleared!

Alyshanee, Jan 4, 09 9:14 PM.
Kel'Thuzad took it to the face as DeM finished the job...Naxx25 cleared! After a bit of learning and adjustments from our previous attempts on Malygos10, we downed him tonight! Good job, team and grats to the looters! ZOMG ONLY MALY25 TO GO! Where's the Ulduar patch?!
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DeM Pwns Sapphiron25! Heroic Naxx: 14/15 Cleared!

Alyshanee, Dec 23, 08 4:44 AM.
After a hard weekend's work, we came away with the 5th alliance side Sapphiron25 kill and a damned close-to-dead Kel'Thuzad at 24%. Great job, everyone and merry Christmas! =)
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